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  Here is a breakdown of some key things to expect in the online version:
  1. School-based administration: Although the ACT is billed as an online exam, it will only be available on approved computers located within schools – and eventually, at monitored testing facilities. In other words, you will not be able to complete the ACT from the comfort of your living room at home. Specific administration details are still being determined, including the possibility of multi-day testing when access to approved computers is limited.
  1. 学校管理:尽管ACT将采取网上机考的模式,但是所用的电脑也是学校批准的,最终还是受学校的监督控制。ACT考试不能在家里完成,具体的管理细节正在商议,如果设备有限会采取多天考试的形式。
  2. Interactive elements: Prioritizing questions is a time-honored test-takeing technique. The computerized ACT will make this process even simpler with the option to mark a question for reconsideration at the end of a session.
  2. 采取互动:优先处理问题是长久以来形成的考试技巧。在线的ACT考试会使得这一过程更加简化,可以给问题做上标记在每一部分的结尾提醒你重新想一遍。
  You will also be able to strike out individual answer responses for a given question, much as you might do on a paper exam. Unlike a paper test, however, you will not be forced to scan through a booklet searching for questions to review or complete, as the computer will simply call up a list of such questions.
  The largest potential issue for students will be the lack of white space for math problems. When preparing for the ACT, even if you are doing so with a paper practice exam, it will be important to complete your calculation work on a separate sheet of paper in order to simulate the actual testing conditions. You may be surprised by how much mental effort can be devoted to such a small change in routine.
  3. Essay revision will be simpler: Another significant change involves the written portion of the test — for those students who choose to take it. You will no longer have to plan your essay so meticulously in order to avoid major corrections.
  3. 作文修改简单化:在ACT考试中另一个需要书写的重要部分就是作文写作。你不用煞费苦心地去避免出现错误。
  Instead of messily crossing out poorly worded or unnecessary paragraphs, students will be able to revise more quickly and neatly. As an added benefit, many students tend to type faster than they write, so they may have more time to plan and think – or to fervently rewrite problematic sections.
  4. No adaptive testing – yet: Adaptive testing is one major feature that is not currently in use. One of the potential benefits of the computer-based format is the ability to receive questions of differing difficulty during a session.
  4. 目前没有预考:很大的一个特征就是目前没有预考。机考形式的一个优点就是可以再每一个部分有不同难度的问题。
  5. Same scoring: According to the ACT, scoring components of the computerized test will be equivalent to those of the paper-based exam. Your results will be reported in the same format and within the same time span. You will not receive your results any sooner by completing the computer-based exam.
  5. 分数相同:ACT考试规定,机考的分数部分和书面考试的分数是一样的。分数形式和评分标准都是一样的,时间也是一样的。在完成考试之前四看不到分数的。